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  • "Loving my new lemon tree! Can't wait for it to start producing fruit."

    -Alycia R.

  • "Happy healthy Calamondin from Frank's Fruit Trees."

    -Penelope A.

  • "Could not say more about the quality of the product and the excellent service! Our trees came beautiful and healthy and were delivered same day within hours of our order (local). We will definitely be shopping with Frank in the future!"

    -Jenn S.

  • "Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable, helps with any questions after the sale."

    -Andrew S.

  • "My mother gave me the best birthday present this year back in April. A lime tree. Limes are my favorite citrus and I have been wanting my own tree. She bought it last fall at the Sun Prairie Farmers Market from Frank's Fruit Trees and she kept it all winter in her sunroom. It is thriving in the Wisconsin sun now. There is a bunch of new growth and it currently has 5 walnut sized and another 15 pea sized limes with more flowers coming."

    -Bob D.

  • "I ordered Owari Satsuma Orange shrub from Franks Tree Co. The seedling was about 8-10” tall in a well packaged box. They also sent me a Variegated Citrus plant as a gift. Both plants were planted using Franks soilless planting mix in a slightly larger pot. Both plants are doing well and I highly recommend this company for your citrus plant needs as well as citrus fertilizer and soilless planting mix."

    -Sunit D.

  • "Frank is great; takes time to explain how to use everything."

    -Rebecca M.

  • "Frank's Fruit Trees are great! Really helpful with tons of great advice. Highly recommend!"

    -David G.

  • "The order of my satsuma tree was smooth from ordering to delivery. My little tree came super well packaged, and in great shape. I also really appreciate that Frank added a little gift in addition with my order since that was not my first order with the company! Thank you :)"

    -Fabien P.

  • "All the purchases I've made at Frank's have been stellar! Frank is an excellent guy and his trees are bar none some of the highest quality you could possibly buy! The prices are great and the quality of the product exceeds all expectations! He's got a customer for life over here"

    -Rich H.

  • "The tree I ordered shipped and was delivered very quickly. It was securely packaged and looks beautiful!"

    -Sonya L.

  • "Great. Plant came well packed and healthy looking."

    -Violeta C.

  • "Great experience with Frank & team! The tree arrived very securely packaged and in excellent condition. I have confidence in my choice as Frank's Fruit Trees, being based in Wisconsin, has experience in successfully raising citrus in Northern climates and is very eager to offer advice and guidance specific to container growers. Highly recommend ordering from Frank's Fruit Trees!"

    -Sandra Y.

  • "I have had a really great experience with Frank's Fruit Trees! They are great at communication and the trees are just what I was looking for. So happy to shop local and try something new!"

    -Tricia G.

  • "Checking out was very easy. I have received my tree promptly and it was very well packaged. I was in communication with Frank a few times, whenever I had a question on how to best care for the tree. Wonderful service and super helpful in depth answers all the time. I'll definitely buy my citrus tree from Frank's Fruit Trees!"

    -Fabien P.

  • "That was my first time ordering from Frank’s Fruit Trees, and I had an amazing experience with them. The plants arrived in very healthy condition as shown on the website. Frank was very supportive, gave advice on my purchases, and went out of his way to make sure I was happy with my purchases. I highly recommend Frank’s Fruit Trees!"

    -LangHa P.

  • "Great! 👍 Easy order, easy pick up. Nice healthy happy tree! Great communication, too!"

    -Elizabeth N.

  • "Such wonderful customer service and a great quality lemon tree! Everything arrived carefully packaged and prompt."

    -Carl E.

  • "Excellent customer service! I can’t wait to watch this beauty grow and produce limes!"

    -Callie W.

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