Several years ago, Frank got his first citrus a college Wisconsin. Who would have thought that a citrus tree could be grown in a second story building? Probably no one, but that didn't stop Frank.

Through trial and error, Frank learned how to properly care for his citrus tree and got it to produce fruit while it was in its pot in his dorm room. His interest continued to grow and he soon obtained a collection of several exotic and traditional potted citrus trees. When Frank told his friends about his hobby, he was met with bewilderment. No one knew that a citrus tree could grow in a pot indoors and produce fruit.

Frank decided that he needed to get the word out about potted citrus trees. Everyone should be able to grow fruit - no matter where they're from.

  • No dropshipping.

    Every tree we sell has been cared for, packaged, and shipped by Frank's Fruit Trees. We will never send you a tree that we haven't personally cared for.

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  • No harmful chemicals.

    Our trees are grown indoors, which means they aren't exposed to most pests and diseases. Plus, we know you probably want to eat that fruit you worked so hard for. Any "pesticide" we use is 100% safe for use on fruit.

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  • No pushing.

    We will never push you to purchase a citrus tree from us. That's right. We know that taking care of a citrus tree indoors can be difficult, especially if your home does not get a lot of sunlight. We want you to know what to expect, so we created a page on our site with everything you need to know before you purchase a citrus tree.

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  • No tricks.

    Every single product image you see will be of an actual tree sold by Frank's Fruit Trees. We will never use edited photos of mature trees to advertise a small tree. What you see in the product image is what you get delivered to your door.

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That small business feel.

We're a small business located in Cumberland, Wisconsin. That means there's no board meetings, huge warehouses, or CEOs. We're just a couple of graduate students and we personally care for and pack each tree we ship and provide detailed guidance for all of our customers.

We may be online, but we still want to connect with you and form great business relationships. When you contact us you will speak with a real person - probably Frank himself - not an automated messaging system.