Are any of these familiar?

Okay, there's a TON of information on this website, all about the do’s and don’t’s for growing a citrus tree. We know it’s a lot. And that’s why some of you are wondering how you could ever sort through all of this to diagnose your tree...and it’s time for the panics. (That’s where you laugh).

If you notice something is off with your tree, we can almost guarantee it is due to one of these six things. Make sure you are addressing all of these areas of care and you will likely find the culprit causing your tree distress.

Just remember the PANICS.

PANICS. Get it? It's an acronym.


Be sure to have a pH between 5.5 and 7.5 so your tree can absorb all the nutrients it needs. Follow the instructions on the pH page.

Airy soil

Give your tree an airy soil or soilless mix so that water drains well. (We might be a little biased...but our homemade soilless mix works great for citrus trees.)

If your soil is too dense, it could be causing water retention and root rot. Check here for more info about soil recommendations.


Use a fertilizer with about a 2:1:1 ratio of NPK, plus micronutrients- more info here. (And here's what we use.)

Inside temps

Only expose the tree to temperatures you’re also comfortable living at. Find more detailed information here.

Careful watering

Watch your watering and only give it water when the soil is completely dry. Learn more here.


Make sure you’re giving your tree adequate sunlight. If it's not getting enough natural light, it may be time to get a grow light. See more details here.

Be sure that all of these PANICS have been addressed for your tree - trust us, it will thank you.

Still stumped?

Reach out to us and we can help to diagnose your tree. Pictures help us to see what is going on, so please send them if you can.